Backus Family History
A Genealogical History of the Backus Family and it's Branches

Elizabeth Pratt

Female 1641 - 1725  (84 years)

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Samuel Backus
Male 1665-Died Young
William Backus
Male 1723-Abt 1724
Elisha Backus
Male 1724-Yes, date unknown
Mary Backus
Female 1725-Abt 1726
Hannah Backus
Female 1728-Abt 1729
Joseph Backus, III
Male 1731-Abt 1732
Hannah Edwards
Female 1695-1747
Samuel Backus
Male 1717-1778
Phebe Calkins
Female 1720-1755
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Elizabeth Wedge
Female 1730-Abt 1764
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Ann Backus
Female 1718-1756
Capt. Joshua Abell
Male 1706-Abt 1762
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Susannah Mason
Female 1725-1800
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Lucy Griswold
Female 1726-1795
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Margaret Grant
Female Abt 1740-1813
Simon Backus
Male 1729-1764
Eunice Backus
Female 1731-1753
John Post
Male 1726-1809
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Lois Pierce
Female 1732-1815
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Esther Parkhurst
Female Abt 1736-1815
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Lucy Backus
Female 1738-1808
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John Backus
Male 1740-1814
Asa Lathrop
Male 1718-1761
Margaret Fuller
Female Abt 1724-Abt 1810
Elizabeth Lathrop
Female 1724-Abt 1817
Amy Lathrop
Female 1735-1815
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Chloe Lathrop
Female 1737-1746
Lucy Lathrop
Female Abt 1740-1747
Anna Backus
Female 1695-1761
Eunice Backus
Female 1733-Abt 1808
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Rachel Moseley
Female 1745-1825
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Esther Backus
Female 1739-1820
Joseph Backus
Male 1741-1742
Jerusha Backus
Female 1743-Yes, date unknown
Smith Bailey
Male Yes, date unknown-Yes, date unknown
Mary Backus
Female 1745-1751
Eunice Edwards
Female 1705-1788
Joseph Backus
Male 1748-Yes, date unknown
Mary Backus
Female 1749-1753
Ezekiel Backus
Male 1751-1791
Roxany Barker
Female 1749-1790
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Lois Backus
Female 1752-Yes, date unknown
Mary Backus
Female 1754-Yes, date unknown
James Malsor Camp
Male Abt 1750-Abt 1823
James Backus
Male 1703-1753
Lydia Huntley
Female Abt 1722-1811
Elisha Lord
Male 1726-1768
Andrew Lord
Male Yes, date unknown-Yes, date unknown
Ann Lord
Female Abt 1736-Yes, date unknown
Cyprian Lord
Male 1702-1743
Sarah Backus
Female 1709-1790
Isaac Bingham
Male 1709-1798
Abigail Backus
Female 1742-1760
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Mary Backus
Female 1744-1744
Eunice Backus
Female 1746-1746
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Eunice Backus
Female 1749-1826
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Sarah Backus
Female 1750-Abt 1759
Roger Backus
Male 1751-Abt 1754
Eunice Dyer
Female 1727-1751
Benjamin Backus
Male 1754-Abt 1777
Roger Backus
Male 1755-Yes, date unknown
Christopher Backus
Male 1758-Abt 1851
Sarah Backus
Female 1760-1846
David Trumbull
Male 1751-1822
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Sarah Clark
Female 1726-Yes, date unknown
Daniel Backus
Male 1694-1695
Lydia Birchard
Female 1721-Yes, date unknown
Jonathon Birchard
Male 1724-Yes, date unknown
Jabez Birchard
Male 1726-1798
Samuel Birchard
Male 1730-Abt 1815
Anne Birchard
Female 1732-Yes, date unknown
Elijah Birchard
Male 1738-Yes, date unknown
Eunice Birchard
Female 1741-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Backus
Female 1697-Yes, date unknown
David Birchard
Male 1677-Abt 1759
Lydia Edgerton
Female 1675-1697
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Hannah Backus
Female 1728-1730
Mercy Lay
Female 1736-1780
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Hannah Backus
Female 1732-1733
Hannah Backus
Female 1734-Yes, date unknown
Phebe Backus
Female 1735-1794
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John Backus
Male 1737-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Baldwin
Female 1699-Abt 1755
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Elizabeth Rudd
Female 1733-1752
Elisha Rudd
Male 1734-Yes, date unknown
Mary Rudd
Female 1737-1751
Andrew Rudd
Male 1739-1752
Sarah Rudd
Female 1741-1752
Jabez Rudd
Male 1744-Yes, date unknown
Lydia Rudd
Female 1747-Yes, date unknown
Anne Rudd
Female 1749-Abt 1780
Jesse Brown
Male Abt 1748-Abt 1817
New chart
Mary Rudd
Female 1752-1804
Mary Backus
Female 1707-1752
John Hyde, Jr.
Male 1698-1762
Irene Backus
Female 1734-1817
Obadiah Smith
Male 1728-1795
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Rachel Backus
Female 1737-1821
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Lydia Waterman
Female 1741-1779
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Lebbeus Backus, Sr.
Male 1741-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Ford
Female 1743-1815
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Love Backus
Female 1741-Yes, date unknown
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Phebe Calkins
Female 1751-1785
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Absolom Backus
Male 1747-1760
Ann Backus
Female 1750-1750
New chart
Josiah Backus
Male 1710-1779
Love Kingsbury
Female 1711-1778
New chart
Joshua Backus
Male 1743-Yes, date unknown
Hannah Calkins
Female 1755-Yes, date unknown
New chart
Eunice Backus
Female 1745-1751
Ruth Backus
Female 1747-1766
Ichabod Ford
Male 1739-1818
Bethiah Hill
Female 1744-1835
New chart
Eunice Backus
Female Abt 1751-1778
New chart
Oliver Backus
Male 1755-1826
Dice Hyde
Female 1759-1848
New chart
Azel Backus
Male 1759-1759
Esther Clark
Female 1723-1815
Elizabeth Backus
Female 1717-Yes, date unknown
Samuel Huntington
Male 1729-Yes, date unknown
Abigail Backus
Female 1731-Yes, date unknown
Deborah Hovey
Female 1697-1784
Simon Huntington
Male 1710-Abt 1764
Elizabeth Backus
Female Abt 1670-1729
Hannah Bingham
Female 1696-Abt 1787
Mary Bingham
Female 1698-1724
Dorothy Bingham
Female 1700-Abt 1743
Jabez Bingham
Male 1701-1785
Nathaniel Bingham
Male 1704-Abt 1756
Ruth Post
Female 1711-1796
Hannah Backus
Female Abt 1675-1752
Daniel Tracy
Male Abt 1652-1728
Mary Hyde
Female 1698-1783
John Pember
Male 1696-1782
Thomas Hyde, Jr.
Male 1699-Yes, date unknown
Phebe Hyde
Female 1701-Yes, date unknown
Phebe Birchard
Female 1737-1831
Elias Birchard
Male 1730-Abt 1778
New chart
Jane Lee Hyde
Female 1704-1754
John Birchard
Male 1704-1783
Abner Hyde
Male 1706-Yes, date unknown
Mary Backus
Female 1677-1752
William Backus, Jr.
Male Abt 1634-Abt 1721

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