Family: Sgt. John Allen Biggs / Anna Jane Rudisill (F10864)

m. 16 Jul 1868

Family Chart 

John G. Rudisill
Male (1811-1872)
Eveline Kyle
Female (1824-1884)
Ada Louise Rudisill
Female (1848-1926)
Mary Alice Rudisill
Female (1848-1890)
John Kyle Rudisill
Male (1853-1891)
Emily Kyle Rudisill
Female (1857-1930)
Blanche Peck Rudisill
Female (1859-1935)
Sgt. John Allen Biggs
Male (1831-1899)
Anna Jane Rudisill
Female (1844-1919)
Charles Allen Biggs
Male (1863-1910)
James Edwin Biggs
Male (1869-1937)
Alma M. Biggs
Female (1872-1922)
S.M. Biggs
Female (1873- )
Frank G. Biggs
Male (1874-1898)
Rosa K. Biggs
Female (1877-1960)
Roy Rudisill Biggs
Male (1879-1936)
Blanche R. Biggs
Female (1882-1958)

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