Family: Carlton Bassett Little / Lenora "Nora" Cooper (F2072)

Family Chart 

Gabriel Sayre Little
Male (1846-1888)
Mary Delphine Roberts
Female (1846-1908)
Charles W. Little
Male (1878-1878)
William G. Little
Male (1882-1934)
Jessie Helen Little
Female (1887-1961)
Lewis Cooper
Male (1861-1936)
Anna Marie Beckhorn
Female (1861-1917)
Elisha S. Cooper
Male (1885-1961)
Cora B. Cooper
Female (1888- )
Albert Jones Cooper
Male (1896-1948)
Lenora "Nora" Cooper
Female (1887-1945)
Walter Sayre Little
Male (1905-1987)
Hazel Marie Little
Female (1907-1970)
Ruth M. Little
Female (1910-1997)
Evelyn May Little
Female (1914-1979)
Myra Kathryn Little
Female (1918-1957)
Anita Elaine Little
Female (1923-1998)
Carlton Manley Little
Male (1924-1959)
Alton W. Little
Male (1928-2000)

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