Family: Joseph Edward Yarka / Beverly Irene Gee (F2428)

Family Chart 

Amasa Leonard Gee
Male (1894-1978)
Mary Elizabeth Tobey
Female (1895-1979)
Leon Edmond Gee
Male (1915-1959)
Beatrice Isabell Gee
Female (1916-2000)
Virginia Mary Gee
Female (1920-1992)
Amasa Junior Gee, Sr.
Male (1922-1994)
Donald Tobey Gee
Male (1924-2008)
William Harry Gee
Male (1931-1991)
Joseph Edward Yarka
Male (1924-1996)
Beverly Irene Gee
Female (1927-1987)
Daniel Joseph Yarka
Male (1946-2008)
Ann Marie Yarka
Female (1954-1954)

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