Family: George Marvin Backus / Mary Jane Randall (F2846)

m. 29 May 1856

Family Chart 

Clark Bacon Backus
Male (1807-1894)
Emeline Sill
Female (1808-1834)
Junius Marvin Backus
Male (1832-1896)
Thomas Butler Randall
Male (1813-1875)
Hilah Ann Dunham
Female (1813-1900)
George Marvin Backus
Male (1834-1888)
Mary Jane Randall
Female (1836-1928)
George Bodwell Backus
Male (1857-1897)
Annie Wood Backus
Female (1858-1927)
Jennie Marsh Backus
Female (1860-1915)
Waldo Cromwell Backus
Male (1862-1907)
Katie Randall Backus
Female (1869-1953)
Ross Backus
Male (1871-1875)
Jared Alonzo Backus
Male (1873-1875)
Besse Wrede Backus
Female (1880-1966)

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