Family: Joseph Harris Gwynn / Alice Elizabeth Rock (F3296)

m. 6 Jan 1910

Family Chart 

James B. Rock, Sr.James B. Rock, Sr.
Male (1840-1931)
Margaret Jane VallelyMargaret Jane Vallely
Female (1845-1923)
Mary Ann RockMary Ann Rock
Female (1868-1960)
Frank Andrew RockFrank Andrew Rock
Male (1869-1956)
Rose RockRose Rock
Female (1871-1916)
John Patrick Rock
Male (1873-1938)
Margaret Jane RockMargaret Jane Rock
Female (1875-1981)
Edward Henry Rock
Male (1877-1962)
Ellen Rock
Female (1878-1880)
Julia Lillian RockJulia Lillian Rock
Female (1880-1943)
Teresa RockTeresa Rock
Female (1883-1963)
Agnes Louise RockAgnes Louise Rock
Female (1885-1968)
Sarah Rock
Female (1886-1886)
Bessie Ellen Rock
Female (1893-1925)
Joseph Harris Gwynn
Male (1880-1968)
Alice Elizabeth Rock
Female (1888-1974)
Weldon Joseph Gwynn
Male (1910-2002)
Evelyn Alice Gwynn
Female (1912-2007)
Marion Rachael Gwynn
Female (1915-1968)
Joseph William Gwynn
Male (1917-2008)

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