Family: Henry Clay Backus / Alice Mae Woodard (F492)

m. 25 Dec 1879

Family Chart 

Betsey E. White
Female (1810-1883)
Julia A. Backus
Female (1833-1898)
Lucy R. Backus
Female (1852-1884)
Edward Ladd WoodardEdward Ladd Woodard
Male (1834-1916)
Joel Ames Woodard
Male (1873-1877)
Henry Clay BackusHenry Clay Backus
Male (1844-1910)
Alice Mae WoodardAlice Mae Woodard
Female (1862-1893)
Eva "Effie" BackusEva "Effie" Backus
Female (1881-1973)
Alice M. Backus
Female (1883-1886)
Harrison Clay BackusHarrison Clay Backus
Male (1885-1972)
Elinor Jane BackusElinor Jane Backus
Female (1887-1969)
Bessie Alice WhiteBessie Alice White
Female (1890-1979)
William Edward BackusWilliam Edward Backus
Male (1892-1973)

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