Family: Henry Sweetser, Sr. / Rebekah Livermore (F7477)

m. 29 Aug 1761

Family Chart 

Benjamin Sweetser, II
Male (1666-1720)
Elizabeth Phillips
Female (1672-1766)
Elizabeth Sweetser
Female (1694-1721)
William Sweetser
Male (1697-1720)
Henry Sweetser
Male (1699-1699)
John Sweetser
Male (1700-1776)
Phillips Sweetser
Male (1704-1780)
Mary Sweetser
Female (1706-1765)
Abigail Ball
Female (1702-1775)
Henry Sweetser, Sr.
Male (1710-1804)
Rebekah Livermore
Female (1734-1806)
Henry Switzer, Jr.
Male (1766-1818)
Nathan Switzer
Male (1770- )
Silas Switzer
Male (1773-1831)

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