Family: Orrin T. Atkins / Lorette D. Frank (F5139)

m. Abt 1855

Family Chart 

Joel Atkins
Male (1800-1887)
Hiram T. Atkins
Male (1831-1909)
George A. Atkins
Male (1833-1910)
Mary Jane Atkins
Female (1834-1852)
Alfred Winslow AtkinsAlfred Winslow Atkins
Male (1835-1887)
Alson Denslow Atkins
Male (1841-1909)
Joel Chase Atkins
Male (1843-1901)
Izora Atkins
Female (1847-1893)
Sylvester N. Atkins
Male (1849-1924)
Orrin T. Atkins
Male (1828-1909)
Lorette D. Frank
Female (1830-1894)
Ida M. Atkins
Female (1856-1938)
Adah M. Atkins
Female (1857- )
Bertha Q. Atkins
Female (1867-1946)

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