Family: Edward T. Storms / Cora M. Lattin (F19902)

m. 4 May 1903

Family Chart 

George T. LattinGeorge T. Lattin
Male (1883-1905)
Grace Elnora LattinGrace Elnora Lattin
Female (1889-1918)
Eunice LattinEunice Lattin
Female (1896-1971)
Myrtle LattinMyrtle Lattin
Female (1902-1959)
Marie E. LattinMarie E. Lattin
Female (1905-1968)
Dorothy Helen LattinDorothy Helen Lattin
Female (1909-1990)
Edward T. Storms
Male (1882- )
Cora M. LattinCora M. Lattin
Female (1887-1944)

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