Family: John Winchester Dana, Jr. / Susan Damon (F10143)

m. 30 Mar 1802

Family Chart 

Hannah Pope Putnam
Female (1744-1820)
Isaac Dana
Male (1765-1831)
Betty Dana
Female (1768-1841)
Benjamin Dana
Male (1770-1837)
Senator Judah DanaSenator Judah Dana
Male (1772-1845)
Hannah Putnam Dana
Female (1775-1850)
Daniel Dana
Male (1778- )
Sarah Winchester Dana
Female (1779-1816)
David Dana
Male (1781-1839)
Eunice Dana
Female (1783-1823)
Schuyler Dana
Male (1785- )
Mary Dana
Female (1787-1816)
Rev. George Damon
Male (1736-1796)
Dinah Athearn
Female (1737-1811)
John Damon, ESQ.
Male (1776-1864)
Susan Damon
Female (1780-1872)
George Dutton Dana
Male (1803-1851)
Mary Ann Dana
Female (1804-1863)
Susan Elizabeth Dana
Female (1808-1848)
John W. Dana
Male (1811-1811)
Catherine Putnam Dana
Female (1813-1838)
Martha Eliza Dana
Female (1818-1891)
Andrew Jackson Dana
Male (1820-1849)

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