Family: Orrin Orange Armington / Jessie May Shonio (F879)

m. 27 Jan 1913

Family Chart 

Arminta Wilber
Female (1852-1894)
Albert Armington
Male (1879-1899)
Della May Armington
Female (1883-1906)
Jesse Drury Shonio
Male (1872-1956)
Lillian Amelia Warren
Female (1876-1944)
Emma Lillian Shonio
Female (1898-1918)
Eunice Della Shonio
Female (1900-1963)
Ethel Orvettal Shonio
Female (1902-1918)
Siltonia Bell Shonio
Female (1905-2000)
Harriet Shonio
Female (1907-1996)
William Drury Shonio
Male (1908-1918)
Pearl Randall Shonio
Female (1910-2007)
Gardner Warren Shonio
Male (1915-1993)
Stanley Edwin Shonio
Male (1920-2012)
Jessie May Shonio
Female (1896-1917)

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