Family: Joseph David Bockus / Almeda Phoebe Losey (F13999)

Family Chart 

John Bockus
Male (1796-1871)
Eleazer Bockus
Male (1842-1874)
Hypatia Bockus
Female (1851- )
Almeda Bockus
Female (1853- )
Joseph David Bockus
Male (1844-1908)
Almeda Phoebe Losey
Female (1850-1939)
Elmer Sanford Bockus
Male (1877-1951)
Eleazer Bockus
Male (1878-1880)
Lena A. Bockus
Female (1878-1965)
Jennie Sophia Bockus
Female (1879-1956)
Emma Bockus
Female (1881-1881)
Annetta Viola Bockus
Female (1882-1966)
George Edward Bockus
Male (1883-1951)
Mary Elizabeth Bockus
Female (1885-1938)
Sylvia Bockus
Female (1891-1970)
Leland Joseph Bockus
Male (1896-1958)

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