Family: Paul Malcolm Howard / Beatrice Mae Bowen (F3152)

m. 12 Nov 1938

Family Chart 

Frank Benjamin Howard
Male (1878-1948)
Ruth Helen Howard
Female (1921-1971)
Wayland Frank Howard
Male (1923-1997)
Clinton Wilbert BowenClinton Wilbert Bowen
Male (1888-1934)
Lois Anna BackusLois Anna Backus
Female (1894-1973)
Wilbert Winslow BowenWilbert Winslow Bowen
Male (1910-1983)
Lester Lucius BowenLester Lucius Bowen
Male (1912-1965)
Thelma Lois Bowen
Female (1919-1990)
Paul Malcolm HowardPaul Malcolm Howard
Male (1916-1997)
Beatrice Mae BowenBeatrice Mae Bowen
Female (1917-1990)

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