Family: Youngs Little, Jr. / Betsey A. Sayre (F2070)

m. Abt 1844

Family Chart 

Youngs Little
Male (1788- )
Elizabeth Youngs
Female (1786- )
Julia T. Little
Female (1822-1905)
Youngs Little, Jr.
Male (1820-1876)
Betsey A. Sayre
Female (1823-1886)
Monroe S. Little
Male (1845-1898)
Gabriel Sayre Little
Male (1846-1888)
Schuyler S. Little
Male (1849-1870)
Susan Little
Female (1852-1862)
Fox Little
Male (1855-1939)
Levi S. Little
Male (1858-1933)
Judd Little
Male (1860-1862)
Charles Young Little
Male (1863-1919)

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