Family: Alvin Bailey / Madge E. Parmenter (F2385)

Family Chart 

Sophronia Leonard
Female (1864-1937)
Hervey Bailey
Male (1883-1954)
Roy B. Bailey
Male (1885-1957)
Zeita Bailey
Female (1887-1939)
Julia Mae Bailey
Female (1889-1927)
Lydia Florence Bailey
Female (1892-1941)
Ruth Bailey
Female (1901-1941)
Philip Cecil Bailey
Male (1903-1969)
Robert L. Bailey
Male (1904-1985)
Madge E. Parmenter
Female (1899-1975)
Alvin Bailey
Male (1894-1955)
Maurice Eugene Bailey
Male (1917-1998)
Eloise Marie Bailey
Female (1919-1990)
Merle Ellis Bailey
Male (1920-1995)
Robert Leslie Bailey
Male (1924-1928)
Lynden Lyle Bailey
Male (1937-2000)

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