Family: Benjamin Backus / Jemima Parker (F8029)

Family Chart 

Ebenezer Backus, Jr.
Male (1747-1843)
Elizabeth Fitch
Female (1749-1827)
Eunice Backus
Female (1768-1799)
Eleazer Fitch Backus
Male (1770-1859)
Elizabeth Backus
Female (1775- )
Alexander Backus
Male (1777-1795)
George Douglas Backus
Male (1780-1829)
Lydia Backus
Female (1785-1832)
Julia Seymour Backus
Female (1786-1861)
Charlotte Backus
Female (1790-1818)
Jemima Parker
Female (1786-1858)
Benjamin Backus
Male (1781-1824)
Anson Backus, II
Male (1810-1854)
Marilla Backus
Female (1821- )
Eunice BackusEunice Backus
Female (1824-1909)

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