Family: Erastus Backus / Mary Fitch (F267)

Family Chart 

Nathaniel Backus, III
Male (1727-1787)
Elizabeth Waterman
Female (1730-1765)
Elizabeth Backus
Female (1753-1786)
Mary Backus
Female (1756-1813)
Nathaniel Backus
Male (1758-1787)
John Backus
Male (1763-1787)
Col. Eleazer Fitch
Male (1726-1796)
Amy Bowen
Female (1727-1799)
Elizabeth Fitch
Female (1749-1827)
Erastus Backus
Male (1761-1791)
Mary Fitch
Female (1761- )
Thomas Backus, ESQ.
Male (1785-1832)
Elizabeth Backus
Female (1789-1863)

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