Backus Family History

A Genealogical History of the Backus Family and it's Branches

Auburn, Cayuga, New York


City/Town : Latitude: 42.9317335, Longitude: -76.5660529


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wright, Leon Eugene  28 Dec 1931Auburn, Cayuga, New York I38346 Backus Genealogy 
2 Wappler, Herman Fred Jr.  17 Jul 1885Auburn, Cayuga, New York I35651 Backus Genealogy 
3 Vibbert, Ralph Edward  8 Nov 1889Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8078 Backus Genealogy 
4 Vibbert, Marie E.  13 Sep 1914Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23364 Backus Genealogy 
5 Vibbert, Leo Frederick  11 Nov 1898Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8084 Backus Genealogy 
6 Vibbert, Leo  29 Oct 1921Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23365 Backus Genealogy 
7 Vibbert, Joan A.  25 Sep 1915Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20412 Backus Genealogy 
8 Vibbert, Irene Elizabeth  22 Sep 1895Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8082 Backus Genealogy 
9 Vibbert, George McKinley  21 Nov 1900Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8086 Backus Genealogy 
10 Vibbert, Ephraim Charles  Abt 1894Auburn, Cayuga, New York I16339 Backus Genealogy 
11 Vibbert, Daniel James  16 Jan 1888Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8076 Backus Genealogy 
12 Vibbert, Anna Mary  3 Jun 1892Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8080 Backus Genealogy 
13 VanGilder, Sarah Ann  15 Mar 1847Auburn, Cayuga, New York I27370 Backus Genealogy 
14 Van Fleet, Schuble Dean Jr.  10 Dec 1919Auburn, Cayuga, New York I14435 Backus Genealogy 
15 Van Fleet, John Richard  17 Aug 1925Auburn, Cayuga, New York I14436 Backus Genealogy 
16 Trufant, Clifford B.  Abt 1906Auburn, Cayuga, New York I324 Other Backus 
17 Talcott, Elizabeth May  17 Jul 1876Auburn, Cayuga, New York I15230 Other Backus 
18 Smolk, Mary Eliza  8 Dec 1821Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23676 Backus Genealogy 
19 Smolk, Charles Augustus  11 Mar 1833Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23677 Backus Genealogy 
20 Smolk, Bradley T.  8 Nov 1830Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23680 Backus Genealogy 
21 Smolk, Allen F.  Abt 1820Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23679 Backus Genealogy 
22 Sincerbeaux, Leonard Walter MD  16 Aug 1914Auburn, Cayuga, New York I41739 Backus Genealogy 
23 Severin, Euphemia  21 Jul 1924Auburn, Cayuga, New York I41986 Backus Genealogy 
24 Roberts, Fred D.  Dec 1869Auburn, Cayuga, New York I5428 Backus Genealogy 
25 Rhodes, Dorothy  Abt 1915Auburn, Cayuga, New York I38558 Backus Genealogy 
26 Reardon, Theodore Norman  18 May 1919Auburn, Cayuga, New York I13319 Backus Genealogy 
27 Reardon, Marion Evelyn  1 Apr 1923Auburn, Cayuga, New York I13320 Backus Genealogy 
28 Powers, George F.  27 Nov 1913Auburn, Cayuga, New York I27445 Backus Genealogy 
29 Perkins, Emma J.  Jul 1889Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8197 Backus Genealogy 
30 Moseley, Marjorie Agnes  27 Feb 1920Auburn, Cayuga, New York I16935 Backus Genealogy 
31 Miller, Peter A.  29 Sep 1837Auburn, Cayuga, New York I21073 Backus Genealogy 
32 Mattle, Charlotte M.  Abt 1887Auburn, Cayuga, New York I15273 Backus Genealogy 
33 Leubner, Robert Hudson  13 Jun 1927Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18714 Backus Genealogy 
34 Leubner, Frederick Raymond  27 Sep 1931Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18715 Backus Genealogy 
35 Leubner, Ernest Addison  6 Aug 1916Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18711 Backus Genealogy 
36 Leubner, Emil Earl  19 Sep 1933Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18716 Backus Genealogy 
37 Kinsella, Mary A.  Abt 1893Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8079 Backus Genealogy 
38 Keeler, Alpha Maria  3 Jan 1815Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8298 Backus Genealogy 
39 Greenfield, Leona M.  29 Jul 1928Auburn, Cayuga, New York I19322 Backus Genealogy 
40 Green, Francis Arthur  12 Mar 1890Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20451 Other Backus 
41 Goodman, Carolyn A.  Abt 1866Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20368 Other Backus 
42 Fogarty, Winifred  19 May 1900Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8085 Backus Genealogy 
43 Flinn, Harry Arthur  31 Jul 1925Auburn, Cayuga, New York I32187 Backus Genealogy 
44 Emerson, Olive Louise  25 Dec 1912Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8195 Backus Genealogy 
45 Drake, Beverly Arlene  23 Nov 1947Auburn, Cayuga, New York I40425 Backus Genealogy 
46 Corey, Walter Van Arsdale MD  29 Oct 1904Auburn, Cayuga, New York I41740 Backus Genealogy 
47 Chappell, Willis H.  4 Jan 1861Auburn, Cayuga, New York I36476 Backus Genealogy 
48 Chappell, Newton B. Jr.  11 Nov 1859Auburn, Cayuga, New York I36482 Backus Genealogy 
49 Chappell, Mary Elizabeth  19 Dec 1864Auburn, Cayuga, New York I36477 Backus Genealogy 
50 Chappell, Harry C.  Abt 1860Auburn, Cayuga, New York I36483 Backus Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Wright, Leon Eugene  22 Apr 2001Auburn, Cayuga, New York I38346 Backus Genealogy 
2 Wise, Glenora Alice  27 Mar 1967Auburn, Cayuga, New York I28518 Backus Genealogy 
3 Wing, Kate  14 Jan 1916Auburn, Cayuga, New York I37955 Backus Genealogy 
4 Welch, Elliott A.  27 Jan 1971Auburn, Cayuga, New York I17493 Backus Genealogy 
5 Walker, Gordon Franklin  20 Nov 1986Auburn, Cayuga, New York I40622 Backus Genealogy 
6 Vinal, Lester Clinton  28 Jan 1970Auburn, Cayuga, New York I38126 Backus Genealogy 
7 Vibbert, William Ephraim  29 Jan 1961Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8075 Backus Genealogy 
8 Vibbert, Marie E.  18 Sep 1914Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23364 Backus Genealogy 
9 Vibbert, Leo  29 Oct 1921Auburn, Cayuga, New York I23365 Backus Genealogy 
10 Vibbert, Joan A.  10 Oct 2012Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20412 Backus Genealogy 
11 Vibbert, Irene Elizabeth  30 Apr 1971Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8082 Backus Genealogy 
12 Vibbert, George Riley Jr.  7 Mar 2009Auburn, Cayuga, New York I12178 Backus Genealogy 
13 Vibbert, Daniel James  May 1979Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8076 Backus Genealogy 
14 Vibbert, Andrew Joel  2 May 2013Auburn, Cayuga, New York I1451 Backus Genealogy 
15 Varney, Lydia Calista  4 Apr 1993Auburn, Cayuga, New York I17487 Backus Genealogy 
16 Van Horn, Dorothy Elnora  28 Jan 1975Auburn, Cayuga, New York I4114 Backus Genealogy 
17 Van Fleet, Schuble Dean Sr.  Abt 1959Auburn, Cayuga, New York I3216 Backus Genealogy 
18 Unknown, Maria A.  Aft 1887Auburn, Cayuga, New York I36472 Backus Genealogy 
19 Tuttle, Allen  4 May 1849Auburn, Cayuga, New York I15237 Backus Genealogy 
20 Trufant, Harvey Baker  19 Nov 1956Auburn, Cayuga, New York I327 Other Backus 
21 Trufant, Clifford B.  2 Aug 1931Auburn, Cayuga, New York I324 Other Backus 
22 Tomlinson, Gladys Ethel  Aft 1960Auburn, Cayuga, New York I25037 Backus Genealogy 
23 Thurston, Alfred Stanley  10 Nov 1995Auburn, Cayuga, New York I17504 Backus Genealogy 
24 Thomas, Ethelbert  Abt 1942Auburn, Cayuga, New York I3218 Backus Genealogy 
25 Thayer, Harold Austin  24 Feb 1995Auburn, Cayuga, New York I15301 Backus Genealogy 
26 Sincerbeaux, Dr. George Cobb  3 Apr 1971Auburn, Cayuga, New York I28512 Backus Genealogy 
27 Shinners, Frances  2 Jan 1959Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8074 Backus Genealogy 
28 Reed, Florence E.  1 Mar 1977Auburn, Cayuga, New York I34539 Backus Genealogy 
29 Reardon, Theodore Norman  23 Apr 1989Auburn, Cayuga, New York I13319 Backus Genealogy 
30 Reardon, John Hubert  11 Sep 1960Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8083 Backus Genealogy 
31 Purdy, Barbara B.  12 Nov 1999Auburn, Cayuga, New York I6127 Backus Genealogy 
32 Pulver, Doris M.  12 Nov 1985Auburn, Cayuga, New York I38336 Backus Genealogy 
33 Powers, George F.  22 Dec 1996Auburn, Cayuga, New York I27445 Backus Genealogy 
34 Pinckney, Grace A.  27 Aug 1929Auburn, Cayuga, New York I328 Other Backus 
35 Perkins, Emma J.  28 Jul 1923Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8197 Backus Genealogy 
36 Parsell, William Irwin  22 Oct 1923Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20454 Other Backus 
37 Norton, Erwin L.  Aug 1965Auburn, Cayuga, New York I1714 Backus Genealogy 
38 Moore, Marjorie Catherine  22 Jun 1988Auburn, Cayuga, New York I15286 Backus Genealogy 
39 McNiel, Mabel H.  5 Sep 1915Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18184 Backus Genealogy 
40 Leubner, Kenneth Daniel  20 May 1983Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18712 Backus Genealogy 
41 Leubner, Ernest Addison  9 Aug 1983Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18711 Backus Genealogy 
42 Leubner, Emil Henry  15 Feb 1968Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18698 Backus Genealogy 
43 Leubner, Emil Earl  28 Jul 1997Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18716 Backus Genealogy 
44 Lanphere, Florence  4 Feb 1992Auburn, Cayuga, New York I32174 Backus Genealogy 
45 Kline, Asa Myron  23 Mar 1924Auburn, Cayuga, New York I20420 Other Backus 
46 Kinsella, Mary A.  19 May 1960Auburn, Cayuga, New York I8079 Backus Genealogy 
47 Kilgus, Louise  Jul 1973Auburn, Cayuga, New York I29135 Backus Genealogy 
48 Hutchings, Elizabeth  31 Mar 2009Auburn, Cayuga, New York I13322 Backus Genealogy 
49 Hunter, James Thorpe  18 Jan 1925Auburn, Cayuga, New York I37954 Backus Genealogy 
50 Hudson, Emily Kathern  18 Sep 1975Auburn, Cayuga, New York I18692 Backus Genealogy 

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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Wright / DeWitt  27 Jul 1937Auburn, Cayuga, New York F12558 Backus Genealogy 
2 Wappler / Becker  8 May 1909Auburn, Cayuga, New York F15960 Backus Genealogy 
3 Sincerbeaux / Wise  6 Mar 1937Auburn, Cayuga, New York F12575 Backus Genealogy 
4 Rhodes / Unknown  Abt 1934Auburn, Cayuga, New York F17344 Backus Genealogy 
5 McCandrew / Backus  5 Dec 1936Auburn, Cayuga, New York F664 Other Backus 
6 Hungerford / Severin  28 Feb 1948Auburn, Cayuga, New York F18990 Backus Genealogy 
7 Halpin / Vibbert  9 Nov 1914Auburn, Cayuga, New York F2740 Backus Genealogy 
8 Drake / Parker  24 Dec 1929Auburn, Cayuga, New York F18470 Backus Genealogy 
9 Corey / Sincerbeaux  23 Jun 1934Auburn, Cayuga, New York F18868 Backus Genealogy 
10 Chappell / Backus  12 Jun 1853Auburn, Cayuga, New York F16392 Backus Genealogy 
11 Bryant / Calkins  25 Mar 1914Auburn, Cayuga, New York F10190 Backus Genealogy 
12 Bostwick / Backus  1 Jun 1921Auburn, Cayuga, New York F665 Other Backus 
13 Bell / Backus  3 Oct 1923Auburn, Cayuga, New York F663 Other Backus 
14 Backus / Stevens  Abt 1848Auburn, Cayuga, New York F16390 Backus Genealogy 
15 Backus / Harse  4 Apr 1913Auburn, Cayuga, New York F12031 Backus Genealogy 
16 Backus / Goodman  1 Feb 1887Auburn, Cayuga, New York F8660 Other Backus 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 Rhodes / Unknown  17 Apr 1933Auburn, Cayuga, New York F17343 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bell / Backus  Bef 1935Auburn, Cayuga, New York F663 Other Backus 

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