Backus Family History
A Genealogical History of the Backus Family and it's Branches

Braintree, Orange, Vermont


City/Town : Latitude: 43.9621778, Longitude: -72.7046486


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bass, Harriet Newell  8 Jun 1821Braintree, Orange, Vermont I42651 Backus Genealogy 
2 Battles, Allen Mason  26 May 1886Braintree, Orange, Vermont I8292 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bowen, Beatrice Mae  27 Mar 1917Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4573 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bowen, Beverly Arlene  21 Jul 1934Braintree, Orange, Vermont I41961 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bowen, Haskell Abel  31 Aug 1904Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21592 Backus Genealogy 
6 Bowen, Lester Lucius  10 Apr 1912Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4572 Backus Genealogy 
7 Bowen, Lizzie Birdie  7 Sep 1896Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44032 Backus Genealogy 
8 Bowen, Thelma Lois  10 Mar 1919Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4574 Backus Genealogy 
9 Bowen, Violet Pember  17 May 1913Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21593 Backus Genealogy 
10 Bowen, Winston Warren  14 Apr 1933Braintree, Orange, Vermont I41960 Backus Genealogy 
11 Butterfield, Lucius Cornelius  25 Nov 1886Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7838 Backus Genealogy 
12 Butterfield, Waldo Eaton  31 Jan 1854Braintree, Orange, Vermont I24534 Backus Genealogy 
13 Campbell, Alva Pearl  31 Aug 1894Braintree, Orange, Vermont I17023 Backus Genealogy 
14 Campbell, Pearl J.  26 May 1867Braintree, Orange, Vermont I24449 Backus Genealogy 
15 Dunham, Lewis Gordon Jones  8 Oct 1871Braintree, Orange, Vermont I24451 Backus Genealogy 
16 Farnham, Emma Jane  1 Jun 1852Braintree, Orange, Vermont I25501 Backus Genealogy 
17 Fenton, Sarah M.  6 Nov 1875Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15374 Backus Genealogy 
18 Fitts, Avery  7 Dec 1809Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15256 Backus Genealogy 
19 Fitts, Elhanan Avery  1 May 1833Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15257 Backus Genealogy 
20 Fitts, Fostina Palace  17 May 1834Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15258 Backus Genealogy 
21 Fitts, George Joseph  4 Aug 1838Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15260 Backus Genealogy 
22 Fitts, Henry Wright  11 Jun 1841Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13204 Backus Genealogy 
23 Fitts, Judson Horace  3 Oct 1847Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15262 Backus Genealogy 
24 Fitts, Martha Abby  23 Mar 1850Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15263 Backus Genealogy 
25 Fitts, Mary Melissa  4 Aug 1838Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15261 Backus Genealogy 
26 Fitts, Sarah Lucina  25 Aug 1836Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15259 Backus Genealogy 
27 Flagg, Waldo Jason  15 Dec 1848Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23614 Backus Genealogy 
28 Flint, Francis Levi  24 Apr 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I14481 Backus Genealogy 
29 Flint, Mary Elizabeth  7 Nov 1837Braintree, Orange, Vermont I3773 Backus Genealogy 
30 Greene, Fred  3 Jul 1892Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21861 Backus Genealogy 
31 Hutchinson, John Brackett  16 Jan 1865Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23404 Backus Genealogy 
32 Leathers, Chauncey J.  Abt 1828Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16873 Backus Genealogy 
33 Leathers, Lucy Ann  17 Apr 1824Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16872 Backus Genealogy 
34 Lord, Robert Porter Sr.  28 Jan 1932Braintree, Orange, Vermont I41964 Backus Genealogy 
35 Mann, Ella Virginia  2 Mar 1855Braintree, Orange, Vermont I19877 Backus Genealogy 
36 Marshall, Vancil Irvin  22 Jun 1907Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13211 Backus Genealogy 
37 Martin, Elwin Fales  31 Aug 1872Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23405 Backus Genealogy 
38 Montgomery, Elmer Merton  25 Sep 1881Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13461 Backus Genealogy 
39 Neff, Thomas R.  7 Jun 1837Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23612 Backus Genealogy 
40 Pixley, Lizzie Birdie  7 Sep 1896Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7837 Backus Genealogy 
41 Poirier, Wynona Belle  12 Jul 1928Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44068 Backus Genealogy 
42 Pratt, Carlos Bass  20 Sep 1838Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15266 Backus Genealogy 
43 Sargent, Dorothy M.  1 Mar 1929Braintree, Orange, Vermont I11511 Backus Genealogy 
44 Sargent, John B. Jr.  19 May 1909Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7781 Backus Genealogy 
45 Seymour, Clarence Ernest  22 Sep 1886Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1997 Backus Genealogy 
46 Sherman, Reuben Sibley Sr.  30 Aug 1882Braintree, Orange, Vermont I8434 Backus Genealogy 
47 Terry, Florence Virginia  Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16592 Backus Genealogy 
48 Terry, Florence Virginia  6 May 1884Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16594 Backus Genealogy 
49 Terry, Foster Carlos  2 Oct 1886Braintree, Orange, Vermont I20250 Backus Genealogy 
50 Terry, Will Orman  27 Jan 1882Braintree, Orange, Vermont I20255 Backus Genealogy 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Backus, Lucius Monroe  16 Apr 1917Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1179 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bass, Cornelia Louise  16 Apr 1944Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13308 Backus Genealogy 
3 Battles, Herbert Mason  16 Feb 1999Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4575 Backus Genealogy 
4 Benoir, Jack Erwin  16 Oct 1995Braintree, Orange, Vermont I33176 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bowen, Azro Bradford  3 Aug 1933Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21531 Backus Genealogy 
6 Bowen, Clinton Wilbert  29 Aug 1934Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4570 Backus Genealogy 
7 Bowen, John  12 Dec 1913Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7834 Backus Genealogy 
8 Bowen, Thelma Lois  28 Jan 1990Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4574 Backus Genealogy 
9 Bowen, Wilbert Winslow  15 Nov 1983Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4571 Backus Genealogy 
10 Cady, Mary Augusta  28 Feb 1917Braintree, Orange, Vermont I22850 Backus Genealogy 
11 Fish, Sarah Phoebe Ware  12 Feb 1929Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15269 Backus Genealogy 
12 Fitts, Henry Wright  8 Oct 1904Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13204 Backus Genealogy 
13 Fitts, Judson Horace  29 Mar 1936Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15262 Backus Genealogy 
14 Fitts, Martha Abby  1 Dec 1851Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15263 Backus Genealogy 
15 Fitts, Mary Melissa  12 Nov 1903Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15261 Backus Genealogy 
16 Fitts, Sarah Lucina  26 Mar 1906Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15259 Backus Genealogy 
17 Hoisington, Pauline  12 Nov 1865Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21526 Backus Genealogy 
18 Hutchinson, John Brackett  9 Jun 1927Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23404 Backus Genealogy 
19 Kellogg, Laura Jane  17 Feb 1892Braintree, Orange, Vermont I24535 Backus Genealogy 
20 Leathers, Eunice Maria  27 Mar 1895Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16871 Backus Genealogy 
21 Manning, Bertha Imogene  14 Sep 1896Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13355 Backus Genealogy 
22 Montgomery, Elmer Merton  8 Jan 1959Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13461 Backus Genealogy 
23 Montgomery, Ethel Helen  22 Apr 1922Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13465 Backus Genealogy 
24 Montgomery, Gerald Emmett  29 Aug 1931Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13464 Backus Genealogy 
25 Mudgett, David Peaslee  13 Jun 1880Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15268 Backus Genealogy 
26 Pearsons, Mary Louise  13 May 1934Braintree, Orange, Vermont I12849 Backus Genealogy 
27 Pember, Verna Alice  25 Jan 1929Braintree, Orange, Vermont I21589 Backus Genealogy 
28 Poirier, Roger Earl  18 Feb 1935Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44067 Backus Genealogy 
29 Richardson, Etta Susan  28 May 1931Braintree, Orange, Vermont I17480 Backus Genealogy 
30 Sager, Clarence Herman  17 Jun 1969Braintree, Orange, Vermont I11510 Backus Genealogy 
31 Stone, Michael James  2 Jan 1975Braintree, Orange, Vermont I13506 Backus Genealogy 
32 Trask, Palace  24 May 1884Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15255 Backus Genealogy 
33 Vaughan, Arabella Virginia  25 Mar 1928Braintree, Orange, Vermont I17472 Backus Genealogy 
34 Woodward, Ida Abigail  8 Jan 1908Braintree, Orange, Vermont I23398 Backus Genealogy 
35 Woodward, Mary Olive  25 Dec 1929Braintree, Orange, Vermont I15061 Backus Genealogy 

1910 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1910 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Backus, Lois Anna  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I2023 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bowen, Clinton Wilbert  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4570 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bowen, John  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7834 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bowen, Lizzie Birdie  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44032 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bowen, Squire Martin  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I12998 Backus Genealogy 
6 Manning, Loraine Ella  6 May 1910Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7835 Backus Genealogy 

1920 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1920 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkins, Mina A.  5 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1180 Backus Genealogy 
2 Backus, Lester Frank Sr.  5 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1676 Backus Genealogy 
3 Backus, Lois Anna  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I2023 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bowen, Beatrice Mae  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4573 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bowen, Clinton Wilbert  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4570 Backus Genealogy 
6 Bowen, Lester Lucius  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4572 Backus Genealogy 
7 Bowen, Thelma Lois  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4574 Backus Genealogy 
8 Bowen, Wilbert Winslow  17 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4571 Backus Genealogy 
9 Poirier, Philodor Noah  16 Jan 1920Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9158 Backus Genealogy 

1930 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1930 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkins, Mina A.  10 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1180 Backus Genealogy 
2 Backus, Lois Anna  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I2023 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bowen, Beatrice Mae  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4573 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bowen, Clinton Wilbert  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4570 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bowen, Lester Lucius  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4572 Backus Genealogy 
6 Bowen, Thelma Lois  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4574 Backus Genealogy 
7 Bowen, Wilbert Winslow  23 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4571 Backus Genealogy 
8 Dwire, Belle Elizabeth  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9125 Backus Genealogy 
9 Howard, Arlington Terry  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16864 Backus Genealogy 
10 Howard, Barbara Virginia  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I17024 Backus Genealogy 
11 Howard, Frank Benjamin  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16593 Backus Genealogy 
12 Howard, Paul Malcolm  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9064 Backus Genealogy 
13 Howard, Ruth Helen  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I17025 Backus Genealogy 
14 Howard, Wayland Frank  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16865 Backus Genealogy 
15 Poirier, Philodor Noah  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9158 Backus Genealogy 
16 Poirier, Reginald Philodor  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44066 Backus Genealogy 
17 Poirier, Roger Earl  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44067 Backus Genealogy 
18 Poirier, Wynona Belle  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I44068 Backus Genealogy 
19 Sumner, Floyd Charles Sr.  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9161 Backus Genealogy 
20 Sumner, Lawrence Ralph Sr.  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9159 Backus Genealogy 
21 Sumner, Wayne Loren  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I9160 Backus Genealogy 
22 Terry, Florence Virginia  16 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I16594 Backus Genealogy 
23 West, George Clark  10 Apr 1930Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7830 Backus Genealogy 

1940 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1940 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Atkins, Mina A.  9 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I1180 Backus Genealogy 
2 Backus, Lois Anna  6 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I2023 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bowen, Squire Martin  6 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I12998 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bowen, Wilbert Winslow  16 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4571 Backus Genealogy 
5 Thayer, Helen Esther  16 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I8296 Backus Genealogy 
6 West, George Clark  9 Apr 1940Braintree, Orange, Vermont I7830 Backus Genealogy 

1950 US Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    1950 US Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bowen, Bonnie Marie  18 Apr 1950Braintree, Orange, Vermont I12995 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bowen, Wilbert Winslow  18 Apr 1950Braintree, Orange, Vermont I4571 Backus Genealogy 
3 Thayer, Helen Esther  18 Apr 1950Braintree, Orange, Vermont I8296 Backus Genealogy 


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   Family    Marriage    Family ID   Tree 
1 Bowen / Linton  24 Aug 1935Braintree, Orange, Vermont F2696 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bowen / Thayer  21 Sep 1935Braintree, Orange, Vermont F2843 Backus Genealogy 
3 Butterfield / Pixley  11 Mar 1914Braintree, Orange, Vermont F2603 Backus Genealogy 
4 Campbell / Johnson  30 Jun 1891Braintree, Orange, Vermont F10817 Backus Genealogy 
5 Cheney / Bowen  7 Jul 1935Braintree, Orange, Vermont F18979 Backus Genealogy 
6 Dunham / Johnson  20 Jan 1897Braintree, Orange, Vermont F10819 Backus Genealogy 
7 Fitts / Tilden  17 Oct 1865Braintree, Orange, Vermont F10470 Backus Genealogy 
8 Fitts / Trask  24 May 1832Braintree, Orange, Vermont F10466 Backus Genealogy 
9 Flint / Arbuckle  19 Nov 1931Braintree, Orange, Vermont F5886 Backus Genealogy 
10 McAllister / Leathers  2 Dec 1838Braintree, Orange, Vermont F7067 Backus Genealogy 
11 Paige / Washburn  17 May 1959Braintree, Orange, Vermont F5209 Backus Genealogy 
12 Poirier / Dwire  26 Sep 1921Braintree, Orange, Vermont F4598 Backus Genealogy 
13 Pratt / Fitts  1 Jan 1867Braintree, Orange, Vermont F10469 Backus Genealogy 
14 Roberts / Carey  5 Oct 1916Braintree, Orange, Vermont F18976 Backus Genealogy 
15 Sargent / Arbuckle  9 Jun 1928Braintree, Orange, Vermont F2584 Backus Genealogy 
16 Smith / Noble  6 Oct 1881Braintree, Orange, Vermont F12770 Backus Genealogy 
17 Whitcomb / Bass  5 Jan 1841Braintree, Orange, Vermont F19317 Backus Genealogy 
18 Woodward / Flint  26 Mar 1857Braintree, Orange, Vermont F1189 Backus Genealogy 

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