Backus Family History

A Genealogical History of the Backus Family and it's Branches

New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana


City/Town : Latitude: 29.9647222, Longitude: -90.0705556


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Backus, Helen Lindsley  16 Apr 1841New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I17078 Backus Genealogy 
2 Backus, Luther E.  Abt 1849New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39237 Backus Genealogy 
3 Castaing, Helen  21 Aug 1872New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39254 Backus Genealogy 
4 Cormier, Frances Indianola  12 Apr 1863New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39247 Backus Genealogy 
5 Cormier, Harry Wilson Sr.  7 Sep 1901New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39259 Backus Genealogy 
6 Cormier, Helen Frances  16 May 1899New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39258 Backus Genealogy 
7 Cormier, Lillian Helen  3 Jul 1891New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39255 Backus Genealogy 
8 Cormier, Louis Emile Sr.  7 Feb 1837New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39240 Backus Genealogy 
9 Cormier, Louis Emile Jr.  May 1861New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39246 Backus Genealogy 
10 Cormier, Nola  Abt 1897New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39257 Backus Genealogy 
11 Cormier, Percy Louis  14 Sep 1894New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39256 Backus Genealogy 
12 Cormier, William Morisset  31 May 1922New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I40245 Backus Genealogy 
13 Himel, Elise Steele  19 Aug 1914New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I26992 Backus Genealogy 
14 Newman, Ronald Hugh  11 Mar 1937New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I40366 Backus Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Backus, Azel Huntington  31 Dec 1843New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I36208 Backus Genealogy 
2 Backus, Eliza  18 Aug 1853New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I18951 Backus Genealogy 
3 Backus, George  15 May 1831New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I747 Backus Genealogy 
4 Backus, Helen Frances  7 Mar 1882New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39235 Backus Genealogy 
5 Backus, Luther E.  22 Sep 1870New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39237 Backus Genealogy 
6 Backus, Luther Electus  Abt 1855New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I19266 Backus Genealogy 
7 Backus, Merritt Morris  11 Jan 1836New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I13083 Backus Genealogy 
8 Bailey, Samuel A.  23 Sep 1862New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I24367 Backus Genealogy 
9 Bickford, Arthur N.  19 Mar 1907New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I15994 Backus Genealogy 
10 Bickford, Wayland Spencer  16 Dec 1930New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I15995 Backus Genealogy 
11 Castaing, Helen  10 May 1928New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39254 Backus Genealogy 
12 Cormier, Charles Emile  17 Feb 1925New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39248 Backus Genealogy 
13 Cormier, Louis Emile Jr.  2 Feb 1953New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39246 Backus Genealogy 
14 Davis, Smithson Higginbotham Jr.  2 Apr 1885New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I18962 Backus Genealogy 
15 Dean, Electus Baxter  7 Jul 1863New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I23406 Backus Genealogy 
16 Perkins, Charlotte  Abt 1837New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I23124 Backus Genealogy 
17 Slawson, Fanny Alice  May 1937New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39252 Backus Genealogy 
18 Stanley, Charles A.  4 Sep 1841New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I29546 Backus Genealogy 
19 Wade, Joshua  12 Aug 1862New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I26325 Backus Genealogy 
20 Wadsworth, Christopher Thomas III  2 Jul 1947New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I27981 Backus Genealogy 
21 Wilson, Henry F.  3 Nov 1883New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana I39253 Backus Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Cormier / Castaing  22 Jul 1890New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana F17697 Backus Genealogy 
2 Davis / Backus  Dec 1852New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana F8021 Backus Genealogy 
3 Sawyer / Himel  Feb 1937New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana F11904 Backus Genealogy 
4 Smith / Cohen  21 Apr 1890New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana F13064 Backus Genealogy 
5 Wilson / Cormier  17 May 1881New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana F17696 Backus Genealogy 

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