Backus Family History
A Genealogical History of the Backus Family and it's Branches

Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania


City/Town : Latitude: 41.8594444, Longitude: -76.7580556


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Henry Lewis  10 Mar 1809Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25835 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bailey, Eloise Marie  3 May 1919Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7214 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bailey, Merle Ellis  20 Oct 1920Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7215 Backus Genealogy 
4 Bailey, Philip Cecil  15 Feb 1903Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7231 Backus Genealogy 
5 Bailey, Robert Leslie  28 Jan 1924Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7217 Backus Genealogy 
6 Berry, Earle Merton  7 Feb 1884Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I12113 Backus Genealogy 
7 Berry, Raymond Earle  28 Apr 1910Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25754 Backus Genealogy 
8 Bourdette, Anna Louise  12 Dec 1906Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7186 Backus Genealogy 
9 Cleaveland, Louise Cynthia  8 Dec 1840Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I20157 Backus Genealogy 
10 Jenkins, Edward C.  11 Jun 1912Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7196 Backus Genealogy 
11 Parmenter, Madge E.  1 Apr 1899Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7212 Backus Genealogy 
12 Pierce, Charles Walter  30 Aug 1920Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I4175 Backus Genealogy 
13 Sherman, Dudley Seth  15 Jan 1849Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I14041 Backus Genealogy 
14 Sherman, Helen Marr  30 May 1831Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25822 Backus Genealogy 
15 Sherman, William Edward  28 Nov 1828Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25831 Backus Genealogy 
16 Woodard, Jennie M.  9 Apr 1887Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I32641 Backus Genealogy 
17 Wright, Clarissa  16 Apr 1850Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25748 Backus Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bailey, Lydia Florence  5 Nov 1941Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7193 Backus Genealogy 
2 Bailey, Robert Leslie  7 Nov 1928Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7217 Backus Genealogy 
3 Bailey, Zeita  25 Feb 1939Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I7184 Backus Genealogy 
4 Chace, Hiram G.  7 Jan 1905Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25823 Backus Genealogy 
5 Cleaveland, Louise Cynthia  13 Jan 1877Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I20157 Backus Genealogy 
6 Ely, Clarissa  2 Nov 1869Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I35872 Backus Genealogy 
7 Sherman, Experience  15 Apr 1886Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25833 Backus Genealogy 
8 Sherman, Helen Marr  1 Aug 1906Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25822 Backus Genealogy 
9 Sherman, John L. Jr.  2 Sep 1856Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25821 Backus Genealogy 
10 Sherman, Lucy  27 Aug 1890Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25826 Backus Genealogy 
11 Sherman, Sarah  23 Jan 1868Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I25820 Backus Genealogy 
12 Southard, Lilah L.  30 Sep 1958Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I20817 Backus Genealogy 
13 Varney, John Henry  7 Sep 1923Springfield Twp, Bradford, Pennsylvania I38442 Backus Genealogy 

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