West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont


City/Town : Latitude: 43.4858881, Longitude: -72.4879288


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Albert  2 Dec 1816West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25287 Backus Genealogy 
2 Adams, Carlos Coolidge  21 Oct 1840West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25297 Backus Genealogy 
3 Adams, Charles  Abt 1831West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25296 Backus Genealogy 
4 Adams, Clarinda L.  Abt 1850West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25302 Backus Genealogy 
5 Adams, David M.  Abt 1824West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25294 Backus Genealogy 
6 Adams, Edward O.  16 Sep 1847West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25301 Backus Genealogy 
7 Adams, Elizabeth Hannah  Abt 1843West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25298 Backus Genealogy 
8 Adams, John  Abt 1822West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25293 Backus Genealogy 
9 Adams, Lois  Abt 1819West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25289 Backus Genealogy 
10 Anthony, Bertha Mabel  3 Jul 1882West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12357 Backus Genealogy 
11 Anthony, Grace Julia  3 Aug 1879West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12345 Backus Genealogy 
12 Anthony, Rosa Jane  2 Sep 1887West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12366 Backus Genealogy 
13 Blanchard, Clair M.  16 Nov 1877West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22239 Backus Genealogy 
14 Blanchard, Dr. Ferdinand  Abt 1852West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I19480 Backus Genealogy 
15 Blanchard, Mabel J.  31 Jan 1876West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22238 Backus Genealogy 
16 Clay, Stanley Ellis  13 Jul 1915West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I17027 Backus Genealogy 
17 Dimick, Elwyn William  9 Mar 1910West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12362 Backus Genealogy 
18 Dimick, Merle Ernest  16 Sep 1907West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12361 Backus Genealogy 
19 Dimick, Metalena Minnie  17 Aug 1905West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12359 Backus Genealogy 
20 Dimick, Thelma Bertha  5 Mar 1918West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12363 Backus Genealogy 
21 Dimick, Willie Ernest  26 May 1880West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12358 Backus Genealogy 
22 Furber, Emily Amanda  1 Jun 1848West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25300 Backus Genealogy 
23 Furber, Frederick Cady  26 Dec 1844West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25299 Backus Genealogy 
24 Furman, Cora Julia  24 Jul 1907West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12368 Backus Genealogy 
25 Furman, Lulu Mary  20 Jun 1911West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12384 Backus Genealogy 
26 Furman, Pearle Rosa  4 Jul 1909West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12376 Backus Genealogy 
27 Hammond, Stephen Faunce  14 May 1836West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25288 Backus Genealogy 
28 Hastings, Clyde Willard  4 Jun 1890West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34119 Backus Genealogy 
29 Hastings, Erla Ilene  24 Apr 1918West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34173 Backus Genealogy 
30 Hastings, Rodney Dana  11 Jan 1921West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34174 Backus Genealogy 
31 Herrick, Harriet O.  10 Aug 1848West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I42371 Backus Genealogy 
32 Hodgeman, Rev. Byron Sykes Sr.  14 Jan 1901West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30648 Backus Genealogy 
33 Hodgeman, Cyril Samuel Sr.  22 Jan 1902West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30653 Backus Genealogy 
34 Hodgeman, Esther F.  22 Nov 1899West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30652 Backus Genealogy 
35 Hodgeman, Herbert Henry  24 Jun 1907West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30655 Backus Genealogy 
36 Hodgeman, Louise H.  8 Apr 1903West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30654 Backus Genealogy 
37 Hodgeman, Rupert Fuller  8 Jul 1910West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30651 Backus Genealogy 
38 Hollinbrook, Margaret Venice  31 Aug 1908West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34130 Backus Genealogy 
39 Hollinbrook, Marjorie Verona  30 Jan 1915West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34131 Backus Genealogy 
40 Price, Leon Augustus  9 Feb 1886West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I36513 Backus Genealogy 
41 Sanderson, Vern  16 Sep 1907West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I34153 Backus Genealogy 
42 Sawin, George G.  7 Jun 1847West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I13034 Backus Genealogy 
43 Walker, Marion Lucy  23 Jan 1853West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I16370 Backus Genealogy 
44 Winn, Harvey B.  Feb 1855West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I10628 Backus Genealogy 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Betsey  10 Dec 1869West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22656 Backus Genealogy 
2 Adams, Elizabeth M.  16 Feb 1904West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22404 Backus Genealogy 
3 Adams, Jonas  8 Nov 1848West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22654 Backus Genealogy 
4 Adams, William A.  9 Mar 1860West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22652 Backus Genealogy 
5 Anthony, Huldah Shaw  18 Mar 1934West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I42368 Backus Genealogy 
6 Anthony, Joseph  21 Aug 1926West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I42370 Backus Genealogy 
7 Anthony, Laura J.  1 Jan 1933West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25327 Backus Genealogy 
8 Anthony, Nancy Maria  11 Nov 1930West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I42369 Backus Genealogy 
9 Anthony, Rosina A.  28 Aug 1934West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I42367 Backus Genealogy 
10 Buck, Charles W.  13 Jun 1936West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25328 Backus Genealogy 
11 Churchill, Lester Daniel  23 Feb 1975West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30678 Backus Genealogy 
12 Dimick, Elwyn William  2 Nov 1926West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12362 Backus Genealogy 
13 Dimick, Thelma Bertha  5 Mar 1918West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12363 Backus Genealogy 
14 Dimick, Willie Ernest  4 May 1960West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I12358 Backus Genealogy 
15 Hammond, Stephen Faunce  14 Dec 1913West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I25288 Backus Genealogy 
16 Hodgeman, Dexter Samuel  Abt 1941West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30649 Backus Genealogy 
17 Hodgeman, Rupert Fuller  2 Feb 1934West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30651 Backus Genealogy 
18 Scales, Julia E.  6 Nov 1900West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I3601 Backus Genealogy 
19 Sherman, Edgar Jay ESQ  9 Jun 1914West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I22416 Backus Genealogy 
20 Sykes, Nora Fuller  12 Feb 1936West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30650 Backus Genealogy 
21 Wright, Lillian E.  24 Dec 1934West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont I30680 Backus Genealogy 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Anthony / Herrick  5 Feb 1872West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F19179 Backus Genealogy 
2 Blanchard / White  28 Apr 1875West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F8259 Backus Genealogy 
3 Buck / Anthony  27 Sep 1893West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F11193 Backus Genealogy 
4 Churchill / Hodgeman  14 Feb 1935West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F13568 Backus Genealogy 
5 Dimick / Anthony  26 Aug 1903West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F4759 Backus Genealogy 
6 Fullerton / Shaw  26 Apr 1875West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F11189 Backus Genealogy 
7 Hastings / Dana  8 Dec 1915West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F15224 Backus Genealogy 
8 Hastings / Proctor  12 Oct 1947West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F15254 Backus Genealogy 
9 Hayward / Porter  1 Jul 1938West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F16604 Backus Genealogy 
10 Hodgeman / Clay  1 Oct 1923West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F13562 Backus Genealogy 
11 Holbrook / Lafrance  3 Jul 1955West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F12921 Backus Genealogy 
12 Holbrook / Tenny  21 Sep 1934West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F12922 Backus Genealogy 
13 Hollinbrook / Dana  18 Jan 1908West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F15228 Backus Genealogy 
14 Robinson / Dana  26 Oct 1936West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F15243 Backus Genealogy 
15 Webster / Bartlett  24 Feb 1968West Windsor, Windsor, Vermont F14473 Backus Genealogy 

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